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2 1/2 min video.
The above group of pictures is a page I printed to be able to show people our pond progression.

The following photos and text show the progression of the back yard and railroad.

The first ties cut from 2X4s.


The playground gets started!


The playground is the first thing in the backyard that is finished!


Next on the list is to start the new deck. Here is the old deck before it is torn down


KC and Brittany are mixing up concrete for the piers of the new deck.


The first box of 1,000 screws to use to screw the rails to the ties. There are 3 boxes.


I used almost 3,000 screws by the time I finished.

Although the deck wasn't finished we were waiting for the special ordered Trex to come in. That was just fine because the rail and supplies came in and I was ready (excited) to start laying rail!


Kelly (with Jackson in tummy) pointing and saying, "Guys, you missed a spot."


Jim cutting some more 2X4s approximately 13.5" long. The rail is going over the bridge but now all the ties need to be put in. On the right you can see the pile of gravel used for ballast.


Here's a shot of how I "bend the rail." I connect each piece while it's straight, then while keeping it centered in the gravel bend it slightly and use extra ties to hold it closely to the desired position. I use two gauges to keep the rail in exact position right where I'm attaching the ties and one more about 10' away. After the ties are attached, gravel is filled in and around and the ties (and rail) stays in place.


Here I am screwing the rail to the ties.


Having some fun in the new pond!

The first batch of fish.

Papa pushing Brittany and Carly. The playground now has the "softfill bark."


The trucks for the flat car arrived! They look just like the ones I use in HO scale only A LOT bigger! It's 7.5" gauge (distance between the rails) and 1.5" scale.


Daddy, Brittany and Carly. The first riders on the new flatcar! No loco yet but it's fun to ride on the flatcar, plus I could start testing the rail laid.


Here's a shot of the new deck (still have the lattace work on the bottom to do.) We're just getting ready to install the grass. You can see where the track is going to go and the rock stepping stones are in place.


The grass is laid and I'm working on the track again. Here I am at 8:45 p.m. screwing in the 2,000th screw!